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At Framewerk Imaging, we use a process called dye sublimation to create your apparel. We use a large, specialized laser printer, then heat press the artwork onto your garment. Typical screen printing places plastisol ink on top of the fabric – with dye sublimation the ink actually “dyes” the fabric. This not only results in a garment that is smoother and softer to the touch, but also means that the artwork printed on the shirt will be a higher resolution and not fade or crack like screen printing, and will last the lifetime of the garment.


Email: sales@framewerkimaging.com
Phone: 949-478-4294
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Teen Leadership Foundation provides preventative programs to teens in foster care through mentorship, leadership camps, education and employment. In addition, TLF has multiple housing complex’s that houses youth aged-out out of foster care or at risk of homelessness.

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